A Polaroid Story: Luc Junior Tam Interview

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A Polaroid Story: Luc Junior Tam Interview

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Luc Junior Tam, who is Stromae’s brother, was interviewed for the Belgian blog A Polaroid Story about his work. Luc has been the artistic director of the Mosaert label since its creation in 2009. The article explains that Stromae’s team has always had complete control of the creative side of the work and is only linked to Universal Music for promotion and distribution. Whether it’s the music, the videos, the live shows and their production, or the clothing lines (Mosaert’s third fashion mini-collection, or capsule, will be available in June), everything is in Mosaert’s hands.

Luc emphasizes that the team works together closely in all these areas, and the ideas they use might come from anyone on the team. As an artistic director, his job is to shape all these ideas into a creative, coherent message: “In what we do, art and communication can not be separated and the challenge is to create a symbiosis between the two…. To me it’s really a matter of global consistency and spreading a message that actually means something. As I like to say in French : ‘On fait rien de gratuit.’ (We don’t do anything for nothing – Stromaeometre) Creating a buzz and generating millions of views without a real message is not what we are aiming for.” As an example, Luc describes working with Sylvain Chomet to create the Instagram teaser for Stromae’s “Carmen” video: “The idea behind it was to bring Paul’s character from the video to life through the Instagram account and with it showing gradually his downfall.”

Stromaeometre thanks Luc for all his work with Mosaert and we wish him all the best as he works to finish his Master’s degree in advertising and commercial communication.

Read the complete interview and story here.

Cover photo credit: Michael Ferire for Mosaert. Luc Junior Tam conducting an interview at Mosaert’s launch event for capsule no. 2 at Colette in Paris, December 2014.

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