Coralie Barbier Interview with Trends Shaker

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Coralie Barbier Interview with Trends Shaker

Coralie Barbier: Mosaert Designer

Coralie is the one who bears the brand on her shoulders.

~Stromae, in Business of Fashion, December 2, 2014

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Mosaert: Stromae, Vincent Losson, Coralie Barbier, Luc Junior Tam, and Olivier Gillard, June 2014
Photo credit: Emmanuel Laurent for Le Figaro

Coralie Barbier is the stylist and designer for Mosaert’s fashion line. Paul Van Haver (Stromae) is head of artistic direction and production. Coralie laughs, “Stromae’s the boss,” but her instincts guide the brand as the duo collaborates on the clothing lines, or capsules, that they create for their brand, Mosaert. Capsules 1 and 2 are currently available, and capsule 3 is expected soon.

“Paul is of course the face of the brand, he wore the first capsule,” Coralie told Business of Fashion. Paul added, “I wore everything, yes, but now I want to distance Stromae from the brand. I want it to stand on its own. Otherwise, we contain ourselves too much in the design process. We don’t want to do only what Stromae would wear. By separating the two we’ll be able to do more.”

“As there are people who like Stromae’s music but not the way he dresses, I want people who like the clothes but not the music to buy the products,” said Coralie. 

Coralie recently sat down with Trends Shaker for an interview. Trends Shaker focuses on “upcoming designers in all fields,” with a mission “to trigger curiosity and open-mindedness in our readers and contributors,” so featuring Coralie was a good choice.

In the article, strangely titled “11 questions to Coralie Barbier from Mosaert,” Coralie answers the following ten questions.

What are your fashion spots in Brussels or elsewhere ?

What is your statement piece in your closet ?

What is your latest craze ?

If you could work with a designer, who would it be ?

What are your fashion must-haves ?

What is your best fashion experience ?

Can you tell us what are your fashion inspirations ?

How does it feel to have your capsule collection sold at Colette in Paris ?

What inspired you to develop a capsule collection ?

What’s up for the future ?

Read the original article in Trends Shaker (tons of great pictures!): 11 questions to Coralie Barbier from Mosaert

Thank you to Coralie Barbier for sharing her inspirations with Trends Shaker. We’re looking forward to seeing what new directions Mosaert’s next capsule will take under her inspiration.

Cover photo credit: Michael Ferire


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