Interview with Mosaert Models Aurélie and Hamady

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Interview with Mosaert Models Aurélie and Hamady

The latest capsule from the collective Mosaert, (composed of  Paul Van Haver/Stromae, Production/Artistic Director; Coralie Barbier, Stylist/Designer; Boldatwork [Olivier Gillard & Vincent Losson], Graphic Design; Luc Junior Tam, Artistic Direction; Thomas Van Cottom, Executive Production; and Dimitri Borrey, Manager) debuted December 3 at the trendy Paris boutique Colette.

The photoshoot for the mini-collection took place on November 23. We had the opportunity to interview Aurélie and Hamady, two models for this second capsule. The photos at the shoot were taken by Antoine Mélis and Benjamin Brolet.

mosaert capsule no. 2 models

Aurélie, left, and Hamady, right


Stromaeometre: So you were models for Mosaert’s second capsule. How were you chosen? By audition?

Hamady: Yes, thanks to my agency, Wanted.
Aurélie: I was at a Stromae concert in Brussels, then at the afterparty he spotted me during the evening. The next day I was hired.

Stromaeometre: Can you explain to us how the shoot progressed?
Hamady: First, our makeup was put on. Afterwards, we were brought together and we did the group photo and the individual photos. It went really well.

Stromaeometre: Was the team friendly?
Hamady: Yes, very nice.
Aurélie: Yes, especially the stylist, Coralie!

Stromaeometre: What was her role during the shoot?
Aurélie: She gave out the clothes, and arranged them to look their best on the models!

Stromaeometre: Was Stromae there? How was he? Demanding?
Hamady: Yes, he was there. He was very nice and not at all demanding.
Aurélie: He knows what he wants, but he was very nice.

Stromaeometre: What was his role during the shoot?
Hamady: He was watching, and giving his point of view sometimes.
Aurélie: Stromae gave his opinion on the photos, and he placed us.

Stromaeometre: Thank you for your responses.

mosaert models


And, of course, a personal photo with Stromae to mark the occasion!

mosaert capsule no. 2 models


Thanks to Laura for the interview and to Amy for the interview translation. The article was co-written by Axelle and Amy.

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