Mosaert Collection in July 2015 US Edition of Elle Magazine

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Mosaert Collection in July 2015 US Edition of Elle Magazine

Following Elle’s introduction of Stromae to their audience in June 2014, the American edition of Elle magazine has published an article featuring his clothing brand, Mosaert, in their July 2015 issue.

The online version of this month’s article kicks off with an embarrassing mistake in the headline, “Mosaert’s Debut Collection Isn’t Quite Like Anything Else.” In fact, Mosaert’s “debut collection,” called capsule no. 1, was released in April 2014. The article focuses on the second collection, capsule no. 2, which was released last December.

That said, the author, Noah Silverstein, does a nicely effective job of describing the collection’s sensibilities: it “represents a unique convergence of influences, melding graphic African-derived prints and colorful three-piece suiting (a tradition known as sapeur, native to Congo) with prep hallmarks such as crewneck sweaters and patterned socks like the ones he wore to school growing up. ‘I like the mix of those African styles and a kind of European dandyism,’ Stromae says.

The results are fantastical, optical separates, best exemplified by the green-and-magenta velvet blazer with a pattern of stacked isometric cubes he wears in the music video for ‘Tous les Mêmes (‘They Are All the Same’), in which he plays both a man and a woman.”

Mosaert’s work is getting some serious attention from the fashion world: “Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino asked the singer and (Mosaert designer Coralie) Barbier to sit in the front row at their men’s and women’s fall 2015 runway presentations in Paris. ‘They told us backstage how much they support our work,’ he says. And after seeing both shows—a Technicolor range of graphic prints—’we understood why they invited us. There’s a visible connection between their work and ours.’ “

(Stromae apparently liked what he saw so much that he even bought a coat he saw at the show in January, pairing it with cropped pants, velvet shoes, and some very Mosaertesque socks for his appearance at the second show in March.)

mosaert stromae elle July 2015

photo credit: Don Carlo

The article also mentions Kanye West’s “cameo” onstage with Stromae at Coachella, and says Stromae hasn’t ruled out the possibility of another collaboration. “At Coachella, Stromae says, ‘he said that he liked my performance and wanted to work on something in the future.’ “

But in Elle’s profile of Mosaert’s work, there’s a big question left unanswered: what about capsule no. 3? The third collection had been scheduled to be released in June 2015, but with the month rapidly drawing to a close, it looks like that won’t be happening. As Stromae recovers from side effects of  preventive malaria medication, it appears that more than concerts have been canceled. Mosaert’s projects seem to be on hold as well while the Maestro recovers. We continue to wish him all the best for a rapid and full recovery.

mosaert stromae elle July 2015

Elle in print: pick up a copy of the July 2015 edition. photo credit: Victoria Cheng via Stromae USA Fans

Read Elle’s full article here.

Cover photo credit: Benjamin Brolet



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