Mosaert Interview for Vogue France: English Translation

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Mosaert Interview for Vogue France: English Translation

On December 3rd, Stromae’s collective, Mosaert, released their new and second clothes capsule.

Mosaert conducted several interviews to mark the occasion, including one with the French edition of Vogue magazine.

Here’s an English translation of the interview:

-Vogue: What does the name “Mosaert” mean?

-Paul Van Haver: It’s an anagram of Stromae, which is actually also an anagram of maestro. We found that name with my older brother, at the beginning of the project, for the first album’s signature.
What’s the story behind Mosaert ?

-Paul: We’re a collective project, it’s a mix of music, graphic arts, photography, video and fashion.

-Coralie Barbier: Everything starts with a print. The formatting work is done by the graphic artists afterwards. For the style and the cuts, we’ve wanted to keep a kind of preppy guiding line, in the same style as Stromae’s concert costumes. We like to contrast a really flashy, colorful print with classic clothes and cuts: the polo, the cardigan, the pullover and the socks.
What are the inspirations for this second capsule?

-Coralie: Diversity, everything comes out of this idea of mixing, the fact that we mix colors and printing techniques from African batik with more preppy, English school influences. It’s the meeting between the two families posing together in front of the camera: a meeting of colors, and the mixture of black and white people.

-Paul: As the lookbook shows, we wanted to keep this “posed” side, like when we dress for a school class picture, unlike the first capsule, where it was more like a family picture.

mosaert capsule 2

Mosaert capsule no. 2 lookbook

-Luc Junior Tam: On the visual side, we’ve always wanted to do something square, geometric, such as the isometric work we do with the graphic artists.
What music would represent this new capsule?

-Boldatwork: A Cuban music.

-Luc: A cubic music.

Paul: “Chan Chan” by Buena Vista Social Club, for example.


In another life, could you have been a designer?

-Paul: Yes I could, I’ve always had an affinity for fashion.

-Coralie: The idea of creating Mosaert actually comes from Paul.


Where and when should we wear this collection?

-Coralie: Simply in the street, the objective of our collection is to make what we like. Then people just adapt the clothes to themselves.

-Luc: Family reunions, when we make the effort to dress well.

-Coralie: These are clothes we wear for particular occasions. Therefore the school picture.
How should we wear it ?

-Coralie: At first, we made it to be worn as total look, but it’s true that the patterns are heavy, so it’s OK to wear it with jeans. Or in little touches, only the socks for example.

-Paul: But we also like to let ourselves be surprised. For my part, I’m going to accessorize it with wool pants, a little like in the picture: really preppy.
Who would you like to dress with your collection ?

-Coralie: I like to see men of a certain age wearing our collections. It’s representing the idea “However old I am, I’m still having fun.”

-Paul: There’s no age to wear Mosaert. The brand is mixed, as much in spirit as in concept.


What’s your fashion “don’t,” the thing you don’t like to see in the street?

-Coralie: On men, I don’t like what’s too basic. It’s a little boring.

-Paul: The knit cap, I’m a little tired of seeing it worn day and night, especially when it’s falling a little back.

-Boldatwork: UGGS.


A project for the future ?

-Paul: we would like to invent a shoe collection.


mosaert capsule 2 vogue

Mosaert at the unveiling of capsule 2 at Paris boutique colette. Photo by Michael Ferire

The original Vogue France interview

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