Mosaert Online Store Now Direct Shipping Worldwide

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Mosaert Online Store Now Direct Shipping Worldwide

Items From Capsules 1 and 2 Available

Stromae’s creative label, Mosaert, released its second mini-collection, capsule no. 2, last December. At the time, the only way for people living outside the European Union to order from the collection was through Paris boutique Colette’s website. Colette’s collection is now completely sold out. But it’s not too late for customers worldwide to get Mosaert gear to wear at their next Stromae concert, or anytime. Just in time for the 2015 continuation of the Racine Carrée tour, it’s now possible for customers outside Europe to order directly from Mosaert’s e-shop

Capsule no. 2 was produced in limited quantities, so it won’t last long. And until now, items from capsule no. 1 were unavailable to those outside Europe. But in the Mosaert e-shop, some items are still available from capsule no. 1, including the iconic “Tous les Même” and “Papaoutai” polo shirts and socks (although some sizes are sold out).

It’s good to know that international ordering will be in place when capsule no. 3 is released. Stromae has said that “in principle,” Mosaert’s goal is to produce two capsules per year, but “nothing’s stopping” them from waiting a little longer and producing a bigger line late this year.

An American fan tried out the site’s new international ordering process today, and discovered that Mosaert is apparently still working out some kinks with the “calculate shipping” step. However, it is possible to skip that step and successfully proceed with an order.

In interviews and appearances this month, Stromae has been wearing several items from Mosaert’s capsule no. 2.

Customers ordering from outside the European Union should be aware that there may be additional custom and import taxes levied by relevant authorities after the order is shipped. It’s a good idea to read the Terms of Service for online ordering on the website before placing an order.

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