Stromae in Article, Video for Teen Vogue

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Stromae in Article, Video for Teen Vogue

Last April, during a break in his spring west-coast US tour, Stromae visited the offices of Teen Vogue in New York City.

stromae teen vogue

Stromae at the offices of Teen Vogue last April. Photo credit: @Bakerpr via Twitter

This month, with his U.S. tour set to resume in Miami in just a few weeks, he appears in the pages of the current edition of the magazine as well as in their online edition. In a short interview, Stromae, who will become the first francophone artist to headline at Madison Square Garden this fall, mentions what he’s looking forward to there: “I’m excited to see what it looks like entering from backstage as the artist,” he says, “instead of being part of the audience looking up.”

Photographs accompanying the article show the artist wearing some of his Mosaert creations, including a pairing of his personal “Ta fête” cardigan, not available for sale, with Mosaert’s polo no. 3 in the “Formidable” print.

stromae teen vogue

Photo credit: Ward Ivan Rafik for Teen Vogue

In an introspective video released by Teen Vogue today to accompany the article, Stromae appears on a Paris rooftop in a series of closeup shots of his head and hands. The grayed-out images shift in and out of focus as Stromae asks himself the question “Who do you think you are?” And going on, “When you are a bit too pretentious, when you are a bit lost, that’s the question that you can ask to yourself. Who do you think you are?”

Discover how Stromae answers this question for himself:

See the article and interview in Teen Vogue here.

Cover photo: screenshot from Teen Vogue video

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