Stromae co-writes and co-produces Vitaa’s new single!

Linda March 12, 2017 0 605 views
Stromae co-writes and co-produces Vitaa’s new single!

Despite his hiatus, Paul wishes to work behind the scenes with other singers, as he recently explained to the magazine Les Inrocks :

Singing, I no longer have the desire to do. But I will not stop making music. We’re going to try some things in studio. I want to write, to compose, but a bit more in the shadows.

Indeed, we have noticed this several times in studios, notably alongside Davido last September.

This time, it’s with Vitaa that we find Paul working behind the scenes again. He participated in the writing and production of Vitaa’s new single “Peine et pitié”, a song recounting a friendly breakup in combining the experiences of both Vitaa and Stromae. The single released on March 3rd.

Shortly before the collaboration’s release, Vitaa gave an interview to NRJ on the show Manu dans le 6/9. She explained that the two artists had known each other for more than 10 years, and that she was the one that had initiated the collaboration. According to Vitaa, Paul instantly fell in love with the beginning of the song that Vitaa had started alone. Together, the two artists then finished the single.

Listen to or download “Peine et pitié” here!


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