Stromae Concert at Myth Cancelled

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Stromae Concert at Myth Cancelled

We are very sorry to report that Stromae’s concert last night at Myth in St. Paul, Minnesota was cancelled at the last minute.

With the audience in place, twenty minutes after opening act Jidenna had been scheduled to take the stage, Gunth Lacombe, a technical director with Auguri Productions (production company for the tour), appeared onstage with this announcement:

“Paul had a small accident this afternoon. Paul is fine. He had a small accident this afternoon, he’s fine, he’s not in danger, but the show is cancelled, he can’t sing tonight. I’m sorry for that. It’s not a joke, trust me. I’m not really happy to be here in front of you. I’m supposed to be backstage, preparing the show. So, the show is cancelled. He is so sorry about that. He was really looking forward to make this show,” Lacombe said.

According to several concertgoers, the audience was also told that Stromae had been taken to the hospital.

He had completed an apparently uneventful routine soundcheck about four hours earlier, according to comments on Facebook and this Instagram post by Jidenna’s drummer, Leon Kittrell.


It is unknown whether the five North American concert dates still to come will be affected. The remaining scheduled dates are Detroit on September 25, Toronto on September 26, Montreal on September 28 & 29, and New York’s Madison Square Garden on October 1.

There has been no further word from Auguri Productions or from Stromae’s management. As soon as more information is available, this article will be updated.

cover photo: About 200 people in line to see Stromae at Myth in Minneapolis/St. Paul 30 minutes before the doors opened. photo credit: Iam Clapclap/Cathy

UPDATE September 24: According to the Star Tribune, a local newspaper in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, “The accident in question was reportedly a cut to the mouth that required several stitches — and the doctors said those stitches wouldn’t stay in place if he had to sing.”

The article continues, “A sign of the singer’s greater popularity overseas — and of a surprisingly poor showing of communication skills by Stromae’s publicists and concert organizers — the incident was widely reported in French media outlets on Wednesday, but fans and media back here on the American prairie did not receive any further explanation or information on refund policies through Wednesday afternoon, despite repeat efforts for more comment and info.

A representative for promoter AEG Live did finally confirm late Wednesday that the show could not be made up during Stromae’s limited time in America, and thus refunds will be given.”

Read the full article in the Star Tribune here.

UPDATE September 25: Despite the injury he received (apparently after falling head first from his tour bus) the rest of Stromae’s concerts will go on as planned. According to, the singer was taken to a local hospital to care for the injury, but simply couldn’t return to the venue in time for the concert. The newspaper indicated that they received a communication from Auguri Productions that the tour will not be compromised by the injury.

Here is the announcement released today from Auguri Productions:


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