Stromae Concerts in Montreal Officially Filmed

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Stromae Concerts in Montreal Officially Filmed

DVD, broadcast, or both?  Stay Tuned.

Earlier this week, the team at Stromaeometre received some exciting official news from Stromae’s team: both concerts at The Bell Center in Montreal (Canada) on September 28 and 29 are being filmed. This is the first time that this ground-breaking show will be professionally filmed from every angle. The broadcast date and mode will be announced later, but it’s coming up.

The aerial camera is clearly visible above the crowd in this screen capture from Iam Clapclap‘s Periscope broadcast of the first show on September 28:











The crowd at the Centre Bell is known for being exceptionally enthusiastic. (note: this writer can personally attest to that. I attended my first Stromae show at the Bell Center on June 18, 2014. ~ editor)  Stromae’s 2015 performances in Montreal follow two dates at the same venue in June 2014, so he’s familiar with this audience, and they’re familiar with him. As Iam Clapclap said during her live broadcast last night, “This is an amazing crowd. A-MAZ-ING.” Since Montreal is a French-speaking city, Stromae’s at the top of his game with onstage banter in French, and the crowd can give him the maximum response. In other words, it’s the perfect location for documenting the Racine Carrée tour as it draws near the close of its two-year continent-crossing journey. 

In his review of last night’s show, Journalist Phillippe Rezzonico of Radio Canada agrees:After greeting the crowd, Stromae explained that the performance was recorded for posterity, which explained the presence of the camera floating above the floor. A beautiful vote of confidence for Montrealers, who were the first to appreciate Stromae in America. And as this crowd is much more familiar with the Belgian‘s repertoire than it was a year ago, it was singing loudly. That will make an excellent recording, and spectators will be able to say ‘I was there!’ when the DVD is released.” (note: we have no official confirmation that there will be a DVD rather than a broadcast, but many expect that there will be ~ stromaeometre).

The set played at the Centre Bell, which is a stadium that seats nearly 12,000 according to Radio Canada, is a longer set than those Stromae plays in the smaller United States venues. It includes three additional songs: “Sommeil,” “Je Cours,” and “Silence.”

The set design and lights are also more elaborate in the larger venue.

The crew hard at work setting up the stage at the Bell Center the day before the show in Montreal. photo credit: Lionel Capouillez

setting up the Bell Center the day before the show in Montreal. photo credit: Lionel Capouillez

One favorite feature of the larger venue is the Strobox, from which Stromae is carried at the beginning of “Papaoutai,” as if he were a giant new action figure being removed from its packaging.

video taken in Montreal September 28: @reneekachikoka via Instagram


Merci, Montreal. See you soon.

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Cover photo: Stromae at the Centre Bell, September 28, 2015. Photo credit: Sussmitha Gopu

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