Stromae Injured on Last Part of North American Tour

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Stromae Injured on Last Part of North American Tour

“I cannot dance. But you can! So please, Seattle, dance for me!”

–Stromae before “Humain à l’eau,” October 1

Stromae stumbled during his performance in Salt Lake City on September 28, injuring his left foot, and expects four weeks of recovery ahead. He announced the news onstage at The Showbox in Seattle on October 1:  “I have a good and a bad news. The bad news…I begin with the bad news. OK the bad is that actually, I had an accident like uh three years, uh three years!  Three days ago. And actually I cannot dance anymore for four weeks. But I can still move. And the good news is, I still can sing. I still can sing or I can still sing? You understand me.”

As a result of his injury, the show in Vancouver on September 30 was more subdued than the others on his North American tour so far. Stromae joked that he was forced to wear what he called “horrible, horrible, horrible sneakers.”

stromae injured foot

Vancouver: “horrible, horrible, horrible” sneakers

Still, Stromae was all energy from the waist up in Vancouver, dancing as much as he could without using his injured foot. Stromae cut “Carmen” from the set list, but the lucky crowd got a second a cappella instead: “Moules Frites.” One Vancouver fan gushed that “The show was the best.”

Stromae, creative as ever, managed to find even more energy for the Seattle show, incorporating his limping into a new style of dancing. Check out “Humain à l’eau” starting at 4:00 in the video below: the crowd obviously couldn’t care less that they aren’t seeing Stromae’s usual choreography.  His singing, music, and charisma have the whole room on fire. He also spent more time talking and joking with the audience, “Carmen” was replaced by “Sommeil”, and for a treat the audience even got an extra song in the a cappella “Moules Frites.”

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You can hear him announce his news at 9:32 in this video:

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October 1 was a day off from performing, so let’s hope Stromae was able to rest up.  A show is scheduled for tonight in San Francisco, followed by two nights in Los Angeles to wrap up the North American leg of the Racine Carrée tour on October 5. Stromae will have a few days off before the tour picks up again in France on October 14.

We wish Stromae quick healing for his injured foot!

Thanks for the photo of the “horrible” sneakers and for keeping us informed, and to visuals-words-life for the photo.

UPDATE, October 22: Thanks to Stromae USA Fans on Facebook, who posted a video from Stromae’s concert in Marseille last night in which he confirmed that he has broken his fifth metatarsal, the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe. Starting at :50 in the video below, after he mentions that his health isn’t good, you can hear him say “C’est ce fichu pied. La cinquième métatarse, c’est-à-dire, le prolongement de l’orteil, que je me suis cassé il y a quelques semaines, et, malheureusement, je ne peux plus danser. Mais je peux chanter ! Vous savez danser. Vous savez danser !” “It’s this rotten foot. It’s the fifth metatarsal, that is to say, the prolongation of the toe, that I broke a few weeks ago, and now, unfortunately, I can’t dance anymore. But I can sing! You know how to dance. You know how to dance! “

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It’s been nearly four weeks now since Stromae broke his foot, so we send him continued wishes for a complete recovery and hope he’ll be able to dance again soon!


  1. lolarusa October 4, 2014 at 5:22 am - Reply

    How convenient that someone stood somewhere directly behind me and videoed the whole concert. Thanks for posting this.

    • Amy October 4, 2014 at 2:14 pm - Reply

      Haha lolarusa! Glad I could help.

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