Stromae Interview, Performance for Stingray Music

Amy May 29, 2015 0 657 views
Stromae Interview, Performance for Stingray Music

In an interview recorded in fall 2014 in Toronto, Stromae spoke with Stingray Music about his what he’s listening to now, what it means to be a good father, his writing process, why he plays characters, and why he started doing YouTube lessons.

What he was listening to as of fall 2014: Mount Kimbie, King Krule, Benjamin Clementine, Cesaria Evora, and Pépé Kallé.

At 10:00, he comments that his inability to make decisions is a problem, but “c’est un avantage, aussi” (it’s an advantage, also) because it frees him up to see different perspectives.

Two live performance videos, one of “Papaoutai” and one of “Ta Fête,” which were recorded for Stingray Music’s Pause/Play sessions were published today. Recorded at Toronto’s Sound Academy, these are nice clean live versions of these songs. The musician’s backup harmonies come through especially clearly.

Beautiful camera work, too, except (or maybe especially) when the bass shakes the camera starting at :59.

At the start of the “Papaoutai” video, Stromae does a little riff on a song that was a 2001 hit on Francophone radio, “KKOQQ” by BéBé Charli. The words of this popular song are full of scatalogical puns that are intended to make children laugh.

At the beginning of his performance of “Ta Fête,” after improvising a new vocal line to the lyrics of the song, he proposes jokingly that that’s what they should do: an a cappella zouk version of the song, “just to be crazy.”

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