Stromae Live in Kigali on Periscope

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Stromae Live in Kigali on Periscope

#stromaelive in Kigali

It’s not over til it’s over! Cathy/Iam Clapclap, the devoted American fan who brought us so many great #StromaeLive Periscope broadcasts from North America, is now in Kigali, Rwanda for one last concert.

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Here’s her news:

“Hi again, it’s Cathy (aka Iam Clapclap). It was great to see the enthusiastic response to the #StromaeLive Periscope broadcasts! Some wonderful fans raised money for me to see Stromae’s final show of the Racine Carrée Tour in Rwanda this Saturday, 17 October. The show starts at 7:30 pm Kigali time. Follow me on Twitter (@iamclapclap) for more updates!”

iamclapclap rwanda

The stage under construction two days before the show. photo credit: Isaano Rwanda

To help time your Periscope viewing of Stromae’s final Racine Carrée concert, here’s a world time zone map that makes it easy to find the current real time in Kigali and see the time difference where you are:

Return to Rwanda

The last time Stromae visited Rwanda, he was five years old, and stayed for two weeks. On his return, he’s said “I don’t want to play the African, coming onstage with a ‘hey, my brothers and sisters,’ to fall into ‘back to the roots’ and ‘I love Africa’ clichés, while all my education, my ‘making of,’ I got in Belgium….Musically, it’s true, I’ve never been so close to Africa, but I am no more African than I am European.” (Complete interview in English here.)

At the same time, Rwanda is preparing to give him the hero’s welcome of a long-lost son. “It’s the first time for Rwanda to host a major global player of the music industry at the peak of his success. For such a rare world-class multimedia concert, organizers and promoters have put all efforts to ensure a historic and memorable event,” writes Showbiz Uganda, urging readers to visit to book their discounted flights to Kigali through noon on the date of the concert. Several media outlets refer to the Brussels-born artist’s visit as a “homecoming.” The New Times, a major English-language Rwandan newspaper, published a detailed article on his family connections in the country.

A reader commented, using Stromae’s African nickname, “Welcome back home Popol.”

In June 2014, Stromae addressed his connection to Rwanda this way: “This story is personal to me, and when I go in the footsteps of my disappeared father I would like to be alone, above all without being publicized. In the face of this, I’m nobody, I’m not Stromae, just little Paul in search of his dad, just a son who wants to renew dialogue with his dead father. That belongs only to me.”

A lot has happened in the sixteen months since he spoke those words. Let’s hope that after he leaves the stage on Saturday night, Stromae can find that personal time to wander alone in the footsteps of his disappeared father.


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