Madonna: “Maybe one day” she’ll work with Stromae

Amy January 30, 2015 0 1,234 views
Madonna: “Maybe one day” she’ll work with Stromae

Madonna interviewed on NRJ radio

Rumors have been flying for months now on the possibility of a Stromae/Madonna collaboration, but Stromae has denied that they have any plans to work together. For Madonna’s part, she appears to be holding her cards closely, but possibly welcoming an eventual collaboration with Stromae. She said that they’ve met more than once, have discussed the possibility of a collaboration, and that she “likes” him. “Maybe one day,” she concludes.

Madonna made her comments during an interview this morning on French radio station NRJ.

The interviewer broached the topic by asking, “Shall we also talk about a collaboration with Stromae, who you met a few months ago?”

See Madonna talk about Stromae starting at 2:05 in this video:

Stromae, for his part, has categorically denied that he and Madonna have recently discussed a collaboration. In an interview for Blackbook, he said that the two of them did get together a few months ago at her house, but it was just a social visit. “It was not about a collaboration, it was about just meeting her. We just had a drink and that’s all. We cannot talk about any collaboration just now. The French-speaking journalists maybe just use [this story] to say, ‘OK, maybe a collaboration or something.’ It’s just not completely true, no.”

It seems pretty clear that no Stromae/Madonna collaboration is on the immediate horizon. Only time will tell whether that will change, but it’s time to lay those rumors to rest.

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