The Fader Interview: Stromae’s “Striking” Videos, “Serious” Songs, and…His Next Video

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The Fader Interview: Stromae’s “Striking” Videos, “Serious” Songs, and…His Next Video

The, the online presence of a music magazine based in New York that focuses on emerging music, style and culture, introduces their audience to “the Belgian sensation behind some of pop music’s most thoughtful songs” in an interview by Dee Lockett.

The interview, conducted at his label’s office in New York City, introduces us to a little of Stromae’s history since 2010. Then it leads into a discussion of “streak of striking, unconventional videos” that he’s done for Racine Carrée, emphasizing that “It’s with music videos that Stromae truly sets himself apart from other artists, either global or domestic.” Exhibit A: the “Who the Hell is Stromae” posters that were plastered all over Austin at SXSW, and on billboards at Coachella. The photos feature images of Stromae’s characters from four different videos, demonstrating that unpredictable creativity that’s impossible to pin down as he tells the stories of wildly different characters. (At the same time, The Fader notes, Stromae’s work isn’t just about the visuals: his songs “are also each a serious dissection of societal flaws.”)

Now, The Fader reveals that the sixth official video clip from Racine Carrée is in the works: for “Quand c’est?” a song that addresses the terrible power that cancer holds over humanity, Stromae will “capture his fear of cancer by dancing alone in a single shot.”

Read The Fader’s interview here.

cover photo: Mick Côté via Twitter from SXSW

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